Shake it Flashlight


Turn your phone into a flashlight



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If you're facing a blackout at home and need a flashlight, or if you just need one to search for something in the dark; Shake it Flashlight is a handy tool that'll be there to help you out when you most need it.

With Shake It Flashlight you'll be able to transform your Android into a flashlight with just a click so you'll be able to keep a flashlight in your pocket at any time. This tool is especially easy to handle because once you open it you'll see that there's a single screen with two buttons: one larger button (for activating your flash in a continuous stream of light) and a second slightly smaller button (for turning on a strobe light). Tap on either of them to turn on your flash and simply tap again to turn it off.

You'll also get to completely customize its visuals. That way you can change any element on your screen to a different color. You can even change its background, flashlight handle, or the light scope as well as your main and secondary buttons. Light up the darkest of rooms with this app thanks to Shake It Flashlight.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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